Internet of Everything: All Connections

Internet of Everything: All Connections

Closed-Loop Chain Reaction Installation, 2018

‘Internet of Everything: All Connections’ is a piece of work that connects human, animals, plants, bacteria, environment, compound and equipment using the Internet. It consists of seven parts. One part affects the other by sequence. It doesn't have a starting point or an ending point in this connection - because they are an interlocking loop structure.

I have chosen some characteristic and representative elements to build the entire connection: On received of the mimosa's shrinking signal, the dropper begins to shrink and squeezes a drop of water on the quicklime which makes it heat up.

A human is placed in a spherical environment with eight infrared lamps. The sensor receives the quicklime temperature increase signal which turns on the infrared lamps. The rapid temperature rise brings about physical and emotional changes to the human body and causes the human body's bioelectrical changes.

Customized circuit component communicated by the ESP8266 Wi-Fi module

The weak bio-electricity of the human body is passed to the bacteria, Proteus. The bacteria starts to vibrate due to the electrical stimulation. Its motion is captured by the microscope and input to Max in real time. Data arising from the change in value in the bacteria movement controls the next part.

Proteus image under the microscope

The program analyzes the movement data of bacteria to control the laser power

This part consists of a laser cutting machine and a LP player. The movement of the bacteria affects the power variation of the laser. Different depth grooves are carved on the surface of the record. The needle reads these grooves and plays it out as though the quivering of bacteria has turned into sound.

Laser carved grooves on the surface of the record

The needle reads grooves and plays it out

The sound data is transmitted over the Internet to the MacBook floating on the sea and played by Bluetooth underwater speakers, affecting the movement of the fish.

The sound is played by an underwater Bluetooth speaker

The image underwater recorded by the GoPro under the floating board

The movement of the fish is recorded by the GoPro under the floating board and passed back to the installation in real time. The program analyzes the direction and speed of the fish movement and controls the rotation of Google Earth. When the Google Earth movement stops, the local coordinates are connected to an online weather website, which outputs the local wind direction.

The program outputs the local wind direction data corresponding to the coordinate

This wind turns on a fan in the corresponding position around the mimosa, and applies the local wind direction onto the mimosa. The plant slowly closes its leaves, the dropper begins to shrink which squeezes a drop of water onto the quicklime and this endless chain reaction continues.

In this era, we humans, a sea, a plant, a stone, or just a tiny bacterium will be networked. This work constructs a chain reaction of a loop configuration to express this interconnected relationship, which is between organisms, machines, and nature under the network connection.